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eBioWorkshop – A Powerful Online Marketing and Networking Platform PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 02 October 2009 05:54

eBioWorkshop is an online platform for information sharing, exchange, and discussion, which is particularly needed and useful for research and focus groups in communication and networking and also for a vendor or a service provider to do market research, market development, product testing, product launch and promotion. The following are the proposed features (with the depicted relationship in the diagram below):


  1. Account Registration and Profiling (for vendors, service providers, users, collaborators, partners, consortia, org, gov, etc.)
  2. Product-Service-Technology Information and Data Uploading, Modification, Removal
  3. Product β-Testing, Demo, Group Discussion, Market Development, Product Launch
  4. Expert Blog Interfaces (the invited field leaders and recognized parties to host the blogs)
  5. Commentary and Discussion Interfaces (including BBS and live chat mechanism)
  6. PPS, Webinar, and Video Presentation (flash slides, video, animation)
  7. Conference and Tradeshow Enhancement (pre and post-conference promotions)
  8. Purchasing and Financial Transaction (with special discount coupon, codes, rebates, etc.)
  9. Specially related online linkages for resources such as service providers, talents, databases, tools, IP, licensing, outsourcing, partnering, JV, etc. (including eBio-System websites)


The deliverables for eBioWorkshop is the development of a special user group on certain projects, product lines or service practice, where specific user information and discussion records together with the comments and problem-solving can be captured and recorded in a specific database. This database can be used as the tool and resource to further develop the market, project product, service, partnering, networking, etc.


The online platform is ready for being customized to meet individual vendor’s e-marketing needs. Please send the “Request for Proposal (RFP)” to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .